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Work in Progress

  • With Yael Grushka-Cockayne and Woonam Hwang. The Effects of Mental Accounting on Project Performance.

  • with Lewandowski and Kontek. Range Utility Theory.

  • with Lewandowski and Kontek. Preferences over Risky Payoff Streams (linked to a webinar presentation).

  • with Kontek and Lewandowski. Range Prospect Theory.

  • with Sasa Zorc. Search in the Dark: the Normal Case.

  • with Alessandra Cillo. Predicting the Discount Rate for Cash Flows.

  • with Veronica Capelli and Emanuel Kemel. Delayed Resolution of Uncertainty: A Probability and Time Trade-off Approach.

  • with Daniel Smith. Where does satiation come from?

  • with Sam Bodily. Expected Utility and Net Present Value Analysis.

  • with Giampaolo Viglia. Correlation Between Anomalies and Theories of Mental Accounting.

  • with Lin Zhao (Chinese University of the Academy of Sciences). Goods and Needs: A Satiation Approach.

  • with John Mamer. Empirical Stopping Rules for Search.

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