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Research Interests

Decision Analysis

Group Decision Making

Utility theory

Investment Analysis

Behavioral Models

Reference point updating

Intrinsic uncertainty of time

Mental accounting

Behavioral Revenue Management

Design of Experiences

Design of Experiences

Satiation and Fatigue

Anticipation and Recall 

Simple Heuristics

Multiattribute decisions

Stopping rules for search




One of my UCLA thesis advisor, Lloyd Shapley, who won the 2012 Nobel price in Economics, died on April 2016. Three of us, former students of Lloyd, had the privilege to write the entry "Shapley, Lloyd S. (1923-2016)" in the new Palgrave Dictionary of Economics.

The other advisor, Steve Lippman, recently celebrated his retirement with a nice workshop. Here is a picture with his "research" children.

I have been Department Editor of Management Science for Decision Analysis since October 2014.

From January 2018 and on, the department now integrate Judgment and Decision Making and Behavioral Economics.

The book Engineering Happiness, which Rakesh Sarin and I published in 2012, has won the 2014 Best publication award by the Decision Analysis Society.

Here is a recent short video on how to manage fatigue and increase productivity.

Successful 2014-2015 season in the Golf Channel Am Tour. Won the Order of Merit, Snead flight Los Angeles. Two tournament victories in 2017. So far so good.